Centroid CNC Mills

We offer CNC Knee Mills, CNC Bed Mills & Machining Centers all with Centroid Controls

6030 Centroid CNC Machine Center

We service all Centroid Control models, - M4, M15, M39 and M400 –

Our Motto

Get a second opinion and let us fix your centroid control before you replace it.  We can save you money.

We build the “R21i Industrial Control” with Centroid Software and offer it on all of our Remedy Machine models

CNC Lathes and turning centers all with the R21i control with Centroid CNC Software.

r21i with centroid lathe control

Office Location
EC EDM & Remedy Machine Sales, LLC
Levittown, PA 19056

Phone: 215-540-0404
Our phones at 215-540-0404 are open from 8:30 am until 6:00 pm daily, and some Saturdays.

Email: [email protected]

DISCLAIMER: We do everything we can to ensure that our machinery specifications and the prices listed are current and accurate. However our website is for reference and we advise all of our customers to request an Official Quote from EC EDM & Remedy Machine Sales to assure they have current prices and specifications before ordering any machinery. Price and Machinery Specifications are constantly changing, and then are subject to change.

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